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4th European Tour 2016

Street in the historic centre of Toledo


Our very rough plan for this trip is to head to the South of Spain at the start of the trip, in search of comfortable weather, and the chance to explore further South than our previous van travels, then moving gradually along the coast towards France as the weather warms up. We aim to drive fairly quickly through France, as we don’t expect the weather to be that good in early April, entering Spain North of the Pyrenees, then across the centre from Pamplona via Madrid to Granada in Andalusia.

Two places we intend to visit en route are Aranjuez and Toledo, and we also intend to look round the historic section of Granada, and visit the Sierra Nevada ski resort for a days skiing, before heading to the coast. We will then probably head West until we feel it is time to turn around, and will generally make up our minds on where to go as we travel.

Links to stages of our tour in sequence: 

1 FRANCE – Calais to Spain

2 SPAIN – Cross-country

3 SPAIN – Andalusia

4 SPAIN – Murcia

5 SPAIN – Valenciana Region

6 SPAIN – Return to Murcia (Aguilas)

7 SPAIN – Valenciana (Morella)

8 SPAIN – S Catalonia

9 SPAIN – Back to Valenciana (Denia)

10 SPAIN – Catalonia